Sicilia da Scoprire blog Giulia Pulizzi

Benvenuti nel Mondo di Viaggi Sicilia con Giulia Pulizzi!

Sicilia da Scoprire blog Giulia Pulizzi

Hello everyone, I’m Giulia Pulizzi, the face along with Alessandro Russo, behind Viaggi Sicilia, an adventure undertaken with love for Sicily and a passion for travel. Born and raised in Marsala, I have a deep connection with my beloved land, which is reflected in every aspect of the tours and trekking that I create and promote.

Welcome to the World of Travel Sicily with Giulia Pulizzi!

Who Am I

They describe me as a cheerful and sunny person, but my true passion goes far beyond: trekking. In 2018, I made a total change in my life, sparked by an incredibly thrilling journey, and that’s where my passion for TREKKING was born. This passion has driven me to share the beauty of Sicily through unique and personalized travel experiences.

Welcome to the World of Travel Sicily with Giulia Pulizzi!

My Adventure

In September 2018, I took a leap into the unknown, a turn in my life, a bold move: I sold everything and started a new rhythm of life, full of lightness, and finally, I became the master of my time. This decision allowed me to explore Sicily in depth, create extraordinary experiences, and share these adventures with those seeking the best of the island.

Sicily Travel: A Stimulating Collaboration

In June 2019, I began an exciting collaboration with Viaggi Sicilia. Together, we have crafted tours and vacation packages to unveil the hidden beauties of Sicily and provide unforgettable experiences.

La Mission

My mission is to promote my wonderful land and be a reference point, often even a travel companion for those who wish to discover the best of Sicily. Every corner of the island has a story to tell, a flavor to savor, and a landscape to admire. Through my in-depth knowledge and passion, I will guide you and other travelers to discover the hidden gems and unique traditions of this beautiful island.

Quality and Reliability

We strive to make every experience unforgettable, focusing our attention on every detail to exceed every expectation. We are driven by love for Sicily and the desire to share with you the most authentic experiences.

Safety First

Safety is an absolute priority for us. We carefully look into everything that can make every journey safe and enjoyable.

  1. Join us in this extraordinary adventure in Sicily. We are here to share with you the best that this land has to offer and create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Our mission is to transform every journey into an unforgettable experience.

Discover what those who have lived these unique experiences say about us, and join us in unique and unforgettable adventures.

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